Adal Ramones - William Forsythe - Romina Penich - Charley Koontz - Walter Perez






Genres: Action + Adventure, Thriller
Duration: 1 hour 24 minutes

Inspired by true events, “Road To Juarez” is the story of Jacob Saenz (Walter Perez), a Mexican-American trying to save his father from a diagnosis of terminal Cancer. Jacob and his best friend, Rob, (Charley Koontz) are taken under Doug’s wing, (William Forsythe) a cunning ex-con with ties to the Mexican underworld. After Doug introduces the two young men to “the dark side”, the trio embarks on an expedition “to hell and beyond”, a precarious Taxidermy heist of some big ticket, illegal animal products near Mexico City that goes terribly wrong. Along the trip south of the war-torn border, Ivan, (Adal Ramones) right hand henchman of a powerful Mexican underworld boss, and his brother, Igor, (Pete Pano) complicate matters even further by kidnapping Rob and his estranged boss’s 17 year old son, Fito (Joshua Ponce de Leon). To make matters worse, Jacob has fallen for a Mexican bombshell (Romina Peniche) wife of a powerful warlord at the end of his reign. In over his head, Jacob is forced to face his personal demons head on. Guided by a modest farmer, Manuel (Sal Lopez) Jacob undergoes a significant metamorphosis. Through the tumultuous journey through Mexico, he’s transformed in several ways. The gradual awakening of his ‘collective consciousness’ becomes evident, as well as his realization that what he has been doing is wrong. He also realizes that one can never escape Karma. The only way to survive and rescue his best friend from certain death, is to tap into the heart and soul of the country that will make him the man he is destined to become.